Waves We Inspire

It’s YOUR Wave – Ride It revolves around the showing of “The SUP Movie.” Integral to reaching the audience and connecting them to the realization that THEY have talents, aptitudes and expertise that can impact others is the It’s YOUR Wave – Ride It  curriculum, self-funding process and mini-grants for youth. (MORE STORIES HERE)

As we talk to young people in schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other organizations we discover an amazing engagement and energy inspired by Kai Lenny and “The SUP Movie.”

Here are some examples of answers to the questions, “Thinking of your future – if there was a ‘wave’ your could ride (career, life path or education) what would it be?:

My “wave” would be to express my musical talent to the world and just perform in front of a big audience yet still show I am an average girl that can connect.

The student, above, appiled for a mini-grant to create her own first album “expressing my voice and my passion for singing. When I sing I feel like I am a completely different person in a completely different place. When I sing I am totally myself. I want to show my voice.

A sixteen year old requests, “I am a pianist, I play by ear. My mind has music but I don’t have a piano to produce my mind’s music on. This teen already mentors adults – and the “magic” is that with the It’s YOUR Wave – Ride It  process we can harness her talent to make a difference for others right now!piano

A thirteen year old writes, “I want to help kids who want to play soccer to be able to play and have their own soccer ball.” We can help her by connecting her to a mentor who lives this dream in a big way.

horse-replaces-husbandA fifteen year old has spent 18 months rehabilitating an abused rescue horse, helping the horse to gain trust and confidence, and then accept riders. How can she turn this “horse whisperer” talent into a project to share?

It’s YOUR Wave – Ride It starts conversations and is a catalyst to mentoring, connection and a wave of inspiration starting from youth and spreading into the community.

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