The SUP Movie

kaisupmIt was an honor to work with the award winning director, Johnny Decesare and Poor Boyz Productions to produce “The SUP Movie.” To summarize the film’s description, “It’s a progressive film that will change the way you think about stand up paddling.” The film follows me, Kai Lenny, and the best stand-up paddlers paired with leading action sports cinematographers as we travel around the globe chasing the world’s most perfect waves. “The SUP Movie” captures unique perspectives from all facets of this growing sport.

Dramatic Change: People have said that “The SUP Movie,” is a documented progression that will change the sport forever. My hope is that “The SUP Movie” will be a catalyst for doing even more.  For that reason I am working with a team to develop the program, “It’s YOUR Wave – Ride It.”

By sharing the film with youth and their families with a well-planned program of conversation, discussion, reflection and action we can unlock potential, awareness, and  self-realization among our young viewers. Together, we can inspire young people to make a difference – right now.  We will work with teachers and youth program directors at Boys & Girls Clubs, schools, Big Brothers-Big Sisters groups  to share activities and discussion. By engaging youth before and after they watch the movie we can connect to their unique ability to be awesome and make a difference.poster

Tap Into Passion and Expertise: Each young person, no matter what challenges they must overcome, has in themselves a spark, a talent and an ability to inspire. My passion happens to be ocean sports and wave riding. Check out “The Wave” for some ideas on how we can unlock the greatness inside the youth you work with.

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