Wave Dreams – Wave Ripples

posterIn the back of my mind as I worked with Poor Boyz Productions to create The SUP Movie, I always had the idea that the film could do a lot more than entertain with the most progressive SUP action and amazing locations. My hope was that the film could inspire young people to honor their skills, talent, passion and dreams. So often we see a great film, and then we simply go home and get on with life. “It’s YOUR Wave – Ride It” is designed to engage young viewers and to provide some tools to empower and inspire their quest for their own passion or dream.

One of the tools developed by an educator/trainer on our team is called, “Wave Dreams – Wave Ripples.” It is a brainstorming, creative idea-generating process that has been used (under another title) for over a decade with teachers, businesses and for product development. Our thought was to have community entrepreneurs and leaders learn about projects kids developed through our “mini grant” process and then participate in the “Wave Dreams – Wave Ripples” activity in order to generate a solid roadmap toward success for the kids.

As we build out our schedule of community participation in this activity we found we are racing with the end of the school year. We had 5 mini grant applications and no group scheduled to develop their resource and mentor brainstorming process. Funny how things work out. In a pinch we decided to do “Wave Dreams – Wave Ripples” with the 5 students and about a dozen of their middle school peers. sphoto9

The results were off the charts! Yes, we will still do the activity with experienced, adult community members, but now we know the value of guiding the young people to inspire and supprt each other! Instead of giving them a fish (see article), we taught them how to fish.  The best examples are stories. Here’s the story of what one group of students accomplished.

If you want to get the full “It’s YOUR Wave – Ride It” program package and replicate this exciting fun, you just need to CONTACT US.

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