Positively Kai

Being a champion, in fact, being one of the best in the world in many watersport disciplines takes more than a dream, more than passion.  It takes hard work and focus. In addition, there has to be such a devotion to the dream that it fills one to the brim.  Kai Lenny’s dream has always been to be in the ocean and to rise to his best ability in the sports he loves.

Kai’s life includes competing in events all over the world. Traveling so much could get lonely and very tiring unless there was a team, a family, an ohana traveling too. Often, Kai travels with the members of his Naish team. Other times he travels with his competitors – adversaries on the water, but friends on the land.  In the past few years, Kai has added another group to his traveling ohana – youth and their families who participate in his Positively Kai clinics at some events. (Go to the Positively Kai website for the full story and action!)

cgnc4Kai has created an organization called Positively Kai. The objective is to set up training clinics to introduce kids to water sports that suit their locations. In or out of the water, Kai brings his positive, can-do attitude to everything that he does. He is extremely grateful to have experienced so much at such an early age. His enthusiasm is highly contagious and he looks forward to sharing his fun-loving spirit and passion for the water with everyone he meets.

These clinics allow youth to get on the water and try sports like SUP. Beyond that, they give Kai a chance to share his philosophy about having a dream and tapping in to the particular skill or expertise that brings satisfaction, joy and a sense of community. In Kai’s words, “I am inspired and stoked to see so many groms of all ages charging and having fun on the water. You are the future of SUP and this is the best time to be a standup paddle athlete. The sport is young and has room for you to make your dreams happen – in SUP or whatever it is you dream. “cgrc6

Expanding the Positively Kai Impact! The energy and positive vibe for youth and their families is strong the entire day of the Positively Kai clinics. The Kai Lenny Foundation and It’s YOUR Wave – Ride It will expand this impact in a way that can both help youth become more aware of how they have what it takes to make a positive impact and to begin the journey to their own dream. To learn more, go to THE WAVE.

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