Students Discover Their “Wave”

nlagirlsschoolOn April 17 we arrived at New Leaf Academy in Bend, OR ready for a few hours of SUP surfing in the middle of the high desert. By way of Poor Boyz Productions, The SUP Movie, the students were immersed in a powerful experience of big wave riding, friendship, team work, examples of “following your dream” and inspiring others.

We started the program with a worksheet and discussion designed to alloow the students to view the film as proactive thinkers – beyond the pure entertainment factor. They were introduced to the water athletes featured, particularly learning about Kai Lenny, Noa Ginella and Izzi Gomez.  Hard work, dedication and a sense of joyful play are the hallmarks of those water athletes and the rest of the cast.

nla1After viewing the film, we had a time for discussion and reflection. The students were provided a worksheet to guide their responses and to help them articulate ways they were inspired and what impressed them most in a film with incredible destinations from around the world, photography of surf action and the natural world and a sound track that added to the engagement and viewing experience. Their responses were diverse and thoughtful.

Inevitably when we show The SUP Movie, some of the students really “get it.” They understand that, like Kai Lenny, they have expertise or talent to hone and to share. They have their own “Wave.” For those students we provide a short mini grant application for mentoring or $100-$200 in seed money to start them on their own journey toward living the life they dream of.

Please CONTACT us for more information on how to have this program for your school, Boys & Girls Club or other youth organization.

The SUP Movie Inspires in Columbia Gorge

Local kids enjoyed a day of windsurfing with Kai Lenny at Windfest(Gorge Windsurfing program)
Local kids enjoyed a day of windsurfing with Kai Lenny at Windfest(Gorge Windsurfing program)

Kai has been sharing inspiration to youth in the Columbia Gorge area for years. A few years ago he connected with local youth at a windsurfing clinic. Since 2000, Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Assoc. (CGWA) has provided programs to encourage local and visiting groms to get on the water and develop their skills. Now, Kai wants to impact youth before on site clinics with an opportunity that can inspire for life. That program is explained on THE WAVE page.

In August 2015, Kai will be back in the Hood River area for the Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge.  There he will compete and host another of his “Positively Kai” clinics. Those annual clinics begin with connection to the spirit of ‘Aloha” and ohana (family) and include a full day of time on the water.

Traditional prayer circle lead by gerry Lopez before the Positively Kai Grom clinic – huge turn out
Traditional prayer circle lead by Gerry Lopez before the Positively Kai Grom clinic – huge turn out

It is Kai’s hope that this year he will be able to meet youth whose self awareness, active sharing of their personal expertise and ability to create a powerful life in spite of challenges.  Some of these youth could include Big Brother-Big Sister of the Columbia Gorge mentees.

We offer “The Wave” program to Big Brother-Big Sister of the Columbia Gorge. The program is not only at no charge, it can deliver some funds to the organization.  CONTACT us to learn more.