Aloha – From Kai Lenny

This adventure called, “It’s YOUR Wave – Ride It” is for everyone. Whether you live near an ocean, whether you surf or not – you can write this story and produce its videos. If you have ever felt the joy and satisfaction of sharing a skill or your time with someone else – you’ve ridden YOUR WAVE. If you have a dream and live, wrok and play your way toward making it come true – you’ve ridden YOUR WAVE. This project is all about collecting stories and videos about you and YOUR WAVE. (HOW DOES THIS WORK?)

familyMy name is Kai Lenny. My dream and my passion in life is to be in the ocean – surfing, kiteboarding, swimming, windsurfing, stand up paddling or paddling an outrigger with my family. Want to know more about me and how you can add your “wave” to our “ocean?  Just click on the ABOUT tab.

But this website is not about me – it’s all about YOU.  We start with a movie – and that’s where your dream begins to connect with others in your community. HOW DOES THIS WORK? Explore the site or CONTACT me with your questions. Aloha!

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